Christina Fairley Erickson - Fiber and Mixed Media Artist

Title: Seeking Sunlight
Dimensions: Size: 34" h x 43" w
Materials: Hand-dyed 100% cotton whole cloth quilt with freehand machine thread painting and hand stitching. Original design.
Available: $1125.00 (Note: currently on exhibition in Brazil; available Summer 2014)
Copyright: 2013
Seeking Sunlight

Title: Purple Sea Urchin
Dimensions: Size: 6" h x 6" w
Materials: Dye-painted paper hand embroidered and embellished with metallic ink. Original design.
Available: NFS
Copyright: 2012
Hidden in the Eelgrass

Title: Hidden in the Eelgrass
Dimensions: Size: 20.5" h x 15" w
Materials: Hand-painted wholecloth quilt, machine quilted with couched yarns. Original design.
Available: $245
Copyright: 2010
Hidden in the Eelgrass

Title: Pycnopodia Helianthoides
Dimensions: Size: 14.5" h x 20" w
Materials: Cotton batik fabrics, machine pieced and quilted, couched yarns and beading as surface embellishment. Original design.
Available: $495.00
Copyright: 2008
Pycnopodia Helianthoides

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