Christina Fairley Erickson - Fiber and Mixed Media Artist

Title: Moulin Rouge dans la Nuit
Dimensions: Size: 18" h x 13" w
Materials: Hand-dyed and commercial 100% cotton fabrics, freehand machine embroidery and quilting. Original design from photos by artist
Available: $295
Copyright: 2010
Moulin Rouge dans la Nuit

Title: Moulin Rouge Deux
Dimensions: Size: 38" h x 28.5" w
Materials: Commercial 100% cotton fabrics, found objects, machine pieced and freehand machine quilted. Original design by artist.
Available: $875.00
Copyright: 2011
Moulin Rouge Deux

Title: Moulin de Arc-en-Ciel
Dimensions: 7" h x 5" w.
Materials: Commercial Cottons Paper-pieced and hand appliqued with machine quilting. Original design
Available: $55.00
Copyright: 2013
Moulin de Arc-en-Ciel

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