Christina Fairley Erickson - Fiber and Mixed Media Artist

Title: Graphene: The Miracle Material
Dimensions: Size: 23" h x 36" w x 2" d
Materials: Hand-dyed, painted, and silk-screened cotton whole-cloth background quilt with hand-cut nylon organza attached with copper pipe, copper wire, beads and metal fittings. Original design.
Artist Statement:Graphene, a form of carbon only one atom thick and in a hexagonal cellular structure, is both the thinnest and strongest substance known to man. Scientists believe it will revolutionize technology from computer and mobile displays, medical devices, aerospace, desalination plants, electronics and countless ways which we cannot yet predict.
This quilt was created for the 50th anniversary of the Seattle Center and a special exhibit entitled "The Next 50 Years: Fiber Artists Look at Innovation and Civic Action."
Available: $725
Copyright: 2013
Graphene: The Miracle Material

Title: Shattered Curves
Dimensions: Size: 14.5" h x 20" w
Materials: Commercial cottons hand painted and machine pieced. Silks printed with ink-jet printer. Hand quilted Original design.
Artist Statement:Thinking about the social problems of childhood abuse and human trafficking I envisioned how this piece would come together. I created the dancer figures in Photoshop with a broken glass type of background, printed them on silk, and hand-appliqued them to the front. I also created stencils with the Photoshop dancer figures and painted them on the quilt. When you consider the percentage of people in the sex industry who were abused as children, you can see the devastation and influence their experiences cause. The curves of the dancers leading to the uneven curved borders are shattered by the hand quilting, as though it were a window which had been hit by a rock. I then added some additional painting on the surface to make the work darker, as the subject demanded. While quilts are traditionally considered comforting, this art piece is meant to shock and move viewers to the legitimate outrage for the victims of childhood abuse and human trafficking. The juxtaposition between the traditional woman’s art of quilting and situation which too many young women find themselves in with earning their living with their body challenges us to consider that feminist viewpoints should speak for all female voices.
Available: $750.00
Copyright: 2011
Shattered Curves

Title: Wrought Iron Scrollwork
Dimensions: Size: 6" h x 6" w
Materials: Machine freehand embroidered on tyvek and burn away. Acryllic painted interfacing background. Original design
Copyright: 2014
Wrought Iron Scroll

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