Christina Fairley Erickson - Fiber and Mixed Media Artist

Here are some of the quilt artists whom I've had a privelege to study under:

  • Gail Harker - Master class teacher
    With a teaching degree from the prestigious City's and Guilds Fiber program in London, Gail started her own school celebrating art, design and stitch in the Northwest. I am currently in her ongoing diploma series to master hand and machine stitch.

  • Jane Dunnewold's Art Cloth Studios
    Jane is well-known in the mixed media-fiber art world. She is an author, teacher and internationally acclaimed artist, as well as the President of the Surface Design Association

  • Richard Box - Painter and Embroiderer
    Holding a degree in Art History, Richard teaches and lectures regularly in Great Britain and occassionally in the U.S. He specializes in drawing, painting and textile collage with both hand and machine embroidery.

  • Ruth B. McDowell - Quilt Artist
    Also with a background in art and design, Ruth's quilts are beautifully pieces photo-realistic works of art. She was on the forefront of the art quilt movement in representational work.

  • Noriko Endo - Quilt Artist
    Noriko is a world renowned quilt artist from Japan. She teaches an impressionistic or pointillist technique to create naturescapes. She has been featured at the Houston Quilt Festival and in a book of "Masters Art Quilts."

  • Lorraine Torrence - Quilt Artist
    Lorraine has a classical art background with a BFA in Art and MFA in Sculpture. She started making quilts in 1971 and has her own wearable art line. Her fundatmentals of design help train fiber artists in the basic elements of fine art success.

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